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八月は残暑・Lingering Heat of August

August.  Mark Twain, known for his works such as “Huckleberry Finn” and “Tom Sawyer,” reportedly said: “The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.”  When the fog is so deep that it is too cold to walk around without a jacket.  In contrast, Japan is still in the middle of lingering summer heat.  The customary “greetings for summer heat” (shochu’u mimai) are typically exchanged from sho’usho (小暑)(July 8) through taisho (July 21) and up to the day before risshu’u (August 7).  If you miss that window, the season for “greetings for lingering summer heat” (zansho mimai) runs from risshu’u (August 8) through shosho (August 23) up to the day before hakuro (September 6/7).  Despite the heat, the season is incing closer to autumn day by day.

Let’s review some seasonal “me’i“(銘) (names) for August appropriate for tea utensils (based on another blog available here (Japanese only).

(Alternate Names for August)

  • Hazuki (葉月)(the month of [falling] leaves)
  • Hatsukizuki (初来月)(the month of first arriving geese)
  • So’ugetsu (壮月)(the month of so’u (壮 = vigor) – perhaps because the heat is intense?)
  • Keigetsu (桂月)(the month of katsura tree (Cercidiphyllum), perhaps?)
  • Sogetsu (素月)(the month of a “clear moon”, perhaps?)
  • Kangetsu (観月)(the month of “viewing the moon”, perhaps?)
  • Kozomezuki (木染月)(the month of trees dyed with colors)
  • Akikazezuki (秋風月)(the month of autumn winds)
  • Chu’ushu’u (仲秋)(the month of August by lunar calendar)

(Top “Me’i” Suggestions)

  • Risshu’u (立秋)・・・One of 24 solar terms. Around August 8.  Beginning of autumn .
  • Shosho (処暑)・・・One of 24 solar terms. Around August 21.  Summer heat begins to ease, and cooler days are near.

八月。「ハックルベリー・フィン」や「トム・ソーヤー」で知られるマーク・トウェインが「私が経験した一番寒い冬はサンフランシスコの夏であった。」と言ったと伝えられた程で、サンフランシスコでは霧が深いと上着がなければ寒い日もあります。それに比べて日本では残暑の季節ですね。暑中見舞は二十四節気の小暑 (7月8日)から大暑(7月21日)を含め立秋(8月8日)の前日までにするものとのこと。そして残暑見舞は立秋(8月8日)から処暑(8月23日)を通して白露(9月7, 8日)の前日までです。暑いながら一日一日秋に近づいてゆくのですね。



(八月の異名)  葉月 初来月 壮月 桂月 素月 観月 木染月 秋風月 仲秋

  • 立秋・・・りっしゅう。二十四節気のひとつ。8月8日頃。秋の始め。
  • 処暑・・・しょしょ。二十四節気のひとつ。8月21日頃。暑さが止み、新涼が間近い日。

Previously posted July 31, 2015


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野村家屋敷跡・Former Nomura Family Residence



Nagamachi is a district where many provincial retainers lived, and there is a former residence for Nomura Denbe’i Sadanobu (a Kaga province retainer) and his issues who all served as magistrate for generations.


The residence is highly respected for its cultural values, such as sliding doors with landscape paintings, and cedar lattice ceilings.



There is also an impressive garden with old trees, stone lanterns, and bridges.





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元湯石屋・Motoyu Ishiya



About 20 minutes away from Kanazawa by car lies Fukatani Onsen where its only lodging – this 220-year-old ryokan – is located.  A senior adviser of Kaga province,  Ma’eda Tosanokami, bathed in the hot spring at Fukatani and was cured of his chronic ailment.  As a sign of gratitude, a special dispensation was granted to build this inn despite the prohibition in place at the time against construction of any hot spring lodging facility within 2 miles (ri) of the Kanazawa Castle.



There is a Noh stage in the inner courtyard.


朝ごはん・Breakfast for champions!