茶の湯 in サンフランシスコ ・ Japanese Tea Ceremony を San Franciscoで

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師走茶会 2016・Shiwasu Tea Event 2016



Shiwasu Tea Event was hosted by the local Tea Society at the Nichibei Kaikan building n San Francisco.  Practitioners from the Urasenke School were in charge of soba noodles, whereas the Omotesenke School handled serving usucha in the tea room.

お軸は「先今年無事 芽出度千秋楽」(まずはこんねんぶじ、めでたしせんしゅうらく)。平穏に一年が終わりとなり、千秋楽をめでたく迎えることができた、という一年の終わりに相応しいものでした。

The scroll was: “Mazuwa konnen buji, medetashi senshu’uraku” which means: “The year is coming to a close without an incident, and we can celebrate the grand finale.”  Very fitting for the end of the year.


Interestingly, in this context, “buji” actually means the usual “no harm,” rather than the state of freedom and bliss signifying enlightenment.



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箱根茶会 2016・Hakone Chakai 2016


This is a tardy post as the event took place in late October 2016.  Hakone Chakai is an event held annually at Hakone Gardens.  It is an opportunity for the Bay Area tea practitioners of different schools to come together and share our common bond through chanoyu.



Groups from Urasenke, Omotesenke, Da’inihonchado’ugakkai, Edosenke served tea at 7 different facilities within the gardens.  (Unfortunately the Mushanoko’ujisenke group had to withdraw due to the teacher’s illness.)



It was a rainy Sunday, making things a little challenging for kimono wearers….  But once inside, the sound of gentle rain enhanced the atmosphere.  And without rain, there is no rainbow!  We visited two Urasenke sessions (usucha, ko’icha) and one Edosenke session (ryu’urei at table).  


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クリスマスとお茶・Christmas and Tea

もうすぐクリスマスです。サンタのお菓子やクリスマス模様のお茶碗などでお茶をされる方などもいらっしゃるでしょう。クリスマスはお茶とキリスト教が交差する不思議な時期ですね。お茶の作法はキリスト教のミサの影響がある、というお話はよく聞きますし、「お茶 キリスト教」とウェブ検索すると色々な方の書き物が見受けられます。

It’s almost Christmas.  Many tea practitioners may enjoy their Christmas tea with Santa Claus sweets and a tea bowl decorated with Christmas motifs.  It is an interesting season when chanoyu intersects with Christianity.  Japanese tea practice is often said to be influenced by Christian mass rituals.  Just search on the Internet with terms like: “Japanese Tea Ceremony Christianity.”  There are numerous hits.


Putting scholastic analyses aside, what is the most important to me is “sharing of tea and sweets.”  Share the space and deepen the bonds with friends through eating and drinking.  That is also true with Christian mass where (quite literally) “Communion” takes place by sharing bread and wine.

「The Secret of Christmas(クリスマスの秘密)」という私の好きなクリスマスの歌があります。一部歌詞を抜粋しますと:
There is a Christmas song I like called “The Secret of Christmas”, from which a passage is excerpted:

So may I suggest, the secret of Christmas
It’s not the things you do
At Christmas time but the Christmas things you do
All year through
(Read more: Ella Fitzgerald – The Secret Of Christmas Lyrics | MetroLyrics)

Thanks to tea, it feels like we can keep alive the spirit of Christmas throughout the year.  Is it strange?  Merry Christmas.

改定版・Revised [2013年12月初版・Originally published December 2013]